The Kitty Kat Klique: Episode II: "The Mystery Cat-Napper" (or simply "The Mystery Cat-Napper") is the second episode of the Kitty Kat Klique series.


Upon discovering a lipstick stain on his shirt and later a mysterious address in the pocket of his laundry, Betty becomes increasingly suspicious that Cameron is having an affair. She follows him late that night to said address, but it is anything but what she expected. It's a drag queen night club with Cameron's alter ego "Camille" as the star of the show. Horrified, she leaves him and goes to see her mother at her hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. Edie has just been baptized in her own home, becoming a fully born again Christian, when her youngest son Keith calls to tell her that he's in jail on false charges of murder, but that he's been framed. He asks her to come visit him, but Edie doesn't know whether she can bring herself to leave her own home. In the wake of her loss of Maury's wealth in court, Debbie decides that it's time she take charge of her life again and reboot her career. She goes to see her agent, whom she hasn't worked with since she was a teenager, but he tells her that nobody will hire the has-been child star with a diva reputation and a history of substance abuse; she promptly fires him, cutting off her last hinderance towards total independence. Since the rise and fall of Penelope's Vampire Clowder, Marge has been haunted by the memory of her in dream. When at last Penelope takes physical form, she speaks to Marge in a familiar voice, tormenting her into doing the unspeakable.

Cameron follows Betty to Atlanta to profess his love for her, and she agrees that the two can work this out. Back at home, Betty hires a therapist and a marriage counselor, but when she tries to get Cameron exorcised by a priest, he insists that he likes who he is and leaves her for San Francisco, and Betty has a nervous breakdown. Edie has locked herself in her home, refusing to come out even to the requests of her other three sons who come to visit her. Only when she has a Christian dream

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