The Kitty Kat Klique: Episode I: "Pilot" (or, informally, simply "Pilot") is the first or pilot episode of the Kitty Kat Klique series.


Betty is planning for the 24th Annual Whisker County "Miss Kitty" Pet Pageant (which she has won six years in a row) when she runs into an old nemesis, Martha June, at the pet store; the two are set to have a rematch. After a violent coughing fit in the middle of an interview, Edie's second-youngest son Luke threatens that she hire domestic help or he will put her in a nursing home. Debra, feeling particularly neglected by her fiancée while he's away on business, starts to fancy the poolboy, Duncan. Marge is returning from the grocery store when she finds a cat abandoned in a box by the roadside, which she takes home and names "Penelope".

Knowing Martha's reputation for playing dirty, Betty has Cameron go on a reconnaissance mission into the June home; with the incriminating evidence of his espionage, they blackmail her for illegal possession of rare foreign breeds. Edie, racist to and distrustful of her new Hispanic housemaid Theresa, suspects that she has stolen her lost earrings and calls the police; even when the earrings show up merely misplaced and Theresa proved innocent, Edie still has hidden security cameras installed in her home. While Maury is away, Debbie attempts to seduce Duncan, who, much to Debbie's chagrin, reveals that he is gay. At that exact moment, Maury arrives early from his business trip and suffers a heart attack at the sight of what he perceives as Debbie cheating on him. Penelope proves herself to be rabid when she bites Marge and runs away. Later, when the police come to Marge's door to ask if she's seen a cat by the roadside that was set to be destroyed, she lies to protect Penelope.

Martha responds to Betty's blackmail attempt with video footage of Cameron breaking into her home; consequently, Betty and Cameron are forced to keep the competition at the pageant. However, on the day of the pageant, June plays dirty, and when Betty tries to fight fire with fire, they are both disqualified. Edie herself is facing an infestation of rabid rats (unbeknownst to her as a result of Penelope's escape), and has Theresa exterminate them with kitchen utensils. When Theresa protests, Edie threatens to have her son, Christian, deported. Maury's heart attack has put him in a coma, and when his three daughters, all of Debbie's age, show up with Maury's ex-wife at the hospital, Debbie sees a harsh of reflection of herself. When Maury dies in coma, the girls take the dispute over Maury's wealth to court. With Penelope on the loose spreading rabies throughout the county, the police have quarantined Whisker County in order to contain Penelope's vastly growing army of rabid "vampire cats". Marge reluctantly steps forth to accept responsibility for the epidemic and vows to stop Penelope herself.

The deranged Martha is infuriated with Betty, setting her car on fire. But her cats, being foreign breeds that haven't had their rabies shots, are caught in the epidemic and attack her as members of Penelope's vampiric clowder, so she gets what she deserves. Edie herself awakes from a coma, her sons at her bedside, and is told that Theresa poisoned her soup and fled the country after Edie threatened her family. Edith, having had a near-death experience, claims to have found Jesus while comatose and vows to change her ways. Having lost Maury's wealth in court, Debbie is left financially in ruins and decides that it's time she reboot her career and try to be Ms. Independent. With most of Penelope's Clowder defeated, the last one left is Penelope herself. But even one-on-one, Marge can't bring herself to kill Penelope. At the last moment, an Animal Control officer shoots her himself.

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